Manel Anoro

A trip around Catalonia

Manel Anoro is a painte that was born in Catalonia, a place that has seen him grow. Girona, Cadaques, Foixà or Priorat are some of the places that are part of him and his paintings.

Therefore we want to show you his travels around Catalonia through his paintings. Shall we begin?


El Priorat



Port Lligat, Cadaqués

Port Lligat, Cadaqués

Foixà, Girona

Foixà, Girona

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One comment

  1. Pia Ghezzi

    I don’t know anything about art except what speaks to my heart! When I got married back in 1993 we spent time in San Fransisco and toured the art galleries. I fell in love with Manel Anoro’s art and our first purchase was Sambruca. I continued to acquire several pieces over the course of our marriage and they brought me so much joy! Unfortunately when my marriage ended I left all the art behind and after 4 years I still miss seeing his pieces on a daily basis!!! I love the new pieces, especially Foixà, Girona!!! Manel is a brilliant artist!! Thank you for all the joy you have provided me through your paintings! Xo

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