Manel Anoro


Do you ever paint over photography?

… “Is usual in the people who begin painting to use photographies because is more easy and comfortable but I think is a big error” Do you ever paint over photography? from Manel Anoro on Vimeo.

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Blue color

“I like that there is a dominant color in my works”   El color blau from Manel Anoro on Vimeo.

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About the inspiration…

“The inspiration comes from the brain, heart and guts, like the builder, plumbers and muggers. The romantic idea that the painter has a type of epileptic seizure and from here comes his inspiration is stupid”.   Sobre l’inspiració from Manel Anoro on Vimeo.

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“To paint a picture, Caribbean’s bars are always enough…” Manel Anoro. It’s a pleasure to announce you the opening of the new exhibition of Manel Anoro, which will take place on 29th April at 8.45 pm, in the art Art Gallery “El Claustre“ in Carrer Nou, 8, Girona. The exhibition can be visited from the same […]

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The women of Manel Anoro

The women of Manel Anoro are sensual, seductive, self-confident. intelligent,… Here we collect some of these works where the woman is the protagonist.  

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When does the process of painting start and when does it finish?

The most easy is when you begin the painting because when you have a seduction for something you see, it excites you to begin the painting. The end is a point where is more difficult to be in love with your work, to agree what you have done,… You can finish a painting today and […]

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Galicia according the eyes of Manel Anoro

If you already love Galicia, seen through paintings Manel Anoro will dazzle you. Here we report different Galician landscapes which Anoro reflected in his paintings.  

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New exhibition at Kreisler Gallery in Madrid

Next March 5th, Manel Anoro will inaugurate a new exhibition of his latest works at Kreisler gallery in Madrid.

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Anoro launches a special edition of digital reproductions

Manel Anoro presents a limited series of digital reproductions (80 copies) with an excellent quality printed on a 300gr watercolor paper with a unique price.

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