Manel Anoro

Sides of the wall: inside & outside

The title is ‘Sides of the wall: inside & outside’and the paintings are divided in two separate sections that correspond to the concepts inside and outside of the title.

The works in the first section have been painted exclusively in the studio. That is, inside, out of the wind, without sun or clouds, without changing light, without people eaverdropping, without sheperds or tourists, without flies or mosquitoes, without birds… in peace. They are paintings of the soul.

The works in the second section are paintings of the skin. They are landscapes painted outdoors, from the first to the last brushstroke. They are paintings with the August heat on the back, with flies and sweat, but also with loud birds and light that comes and goes. With sun. With the sun god. Outside, in the most perfect spot I know: in the landscape.

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