Manel Anoro

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“Nowadays I prefer to paint in peaceful places“

“The only thing that I look for when I’m painting is that I don’t want to be disturbed. When I’m painting and someone asks me something, I tend to be fairly unfriendly.” –Manel Anoro–

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New exhibition at Campton Gallery, New York

Manel Anoro presents from 08 to 22 May his latest works at the Campton Gallery, New York

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Sides of the wall: inside & outside

The title is ‘Sides of the wall’ and the paintings are divided in two separate sections that correspond to the concepts inside and outside of the title.

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Anoro painter

The advantage of painting places is that you always have a reference about what you paint. But sometimes it is an advantage and sometimes it’s a disappointment.

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Manel Anoro - Mallorca

I paint to possess what I love and I don’t have

I started to paint my life: my house, my family … It’s something I had never done before. Now I want to paint things that are away from me. Maybe I like what I don’t have and that’s why I paint… to possess. That’s why.

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